UFABC is a fairly new university, created only nine years ago. Its creation answered to a call for a revolution in scientific progress in Brazil, inspired by new trends in academic innovation, such as interdisciplinarity, excellence based on rigor and creativity, and social inclusion.

A completely novel academic plan was proposed with innovative foundations for two interdisciplinary bachelor’s degrees, the Bachelor in Science and Technology (BC&T) and the Bachelor in Sciences and Humanities (BC&H).

All courses are free of charge and last from three to five years. For further information, contact the International Affairs Office.


Entry Programs

Bachelor of Science and Technology - BC&T

Bachelor of Sciences and Humanities - BC&H


Specific Programs

Engineering Bachelor's degrees Teaching
Environmental and Urban * Biological Sciences * Biological Sciences *
Aerospace ** Computer Science *
Biomedical ** Physics * Physics *
Energy * Mathematics * Mathematics *
Management ** Chemistry * Chemistry *
Materials * Neuroscience **
Information * Philosophy ** Philosophy **
Instrumentation, Automation and Robotics * Economics **
Territorial Planning **
Public Policy **
International Affairs **



 Programs related to BC&T


 Programs related to BC&H

* Programs offered in Santo André campus

** Programs offered in São Bernardo do Campo campus